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  • This is a typing work intended for Students and People working at home.
  • You can earn Rs.500/day if you can type for 6 hours a day.
  • When you Register for Work, You get Rs.100 Extra.
  • If you share your code with your friends, and if they register, you get Rs.100 for each Person.
  • If you login once a day, You get a bonus of Rs.50 (applicable only once per day)
  • You need to type the words in an Image in a box given below that Image
  • For Each Image you Type, you get Rs.10
  • You need to enter it as exactly as in the Image (CASE INSENSITIVE)
  • if you see a blank Image, Type BLANK(IN CAPITAL LETTERS) followed by the number, for example
If it is the first blank Image, then you should enter BLANK1, If it is the second blank image, You should enter BLANK2, so on.
  • Kindly Enter correctly, when requesting for payout, we check manually, and only then we will send payout. , when you are nearing payout, you will receive an email with a form, you need to print it out and sign the form and send us back in the reply email. The form will have the mode of payments you want to be paid in.