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The Oregon DMV has launched a replacement online tool to schedule a meeting at a DMV office.

Using the shape on the DMV’s website people can set appointments to require care of an inventory of things including driver licensing and ID cards, VIN inspections and disable parking placards, among other things.

Driving tests can’t be performed thanks to social distancing restrictions and there’s no timeline on when those tests will resume.

Monday the Oregon DMV opened about two-thirds of their office across the state by appointment only. The agencies telephone system was overwhelmed with people eager to make a meeting . Oregon DMV Spokesperson David House said that they had roughly 18,000 calls in one hour. On a typical day they receive about 8,000 calls.

“We expected a flood of calls, but we didn’t expect a deluge that might overload the system completely,” House said.

He adds their IT department visited work to make a web form. it’ll be submitted to the DMV; an employee will then make a follow up call to schedule a meeting .

House says it might be a touch to schedule a meeting .

“No idea what the ETA is because we don’t skills big this backlog is, we just know that it’s very, very big and it’ll days, weeks to urge a meeting scheduled for you,” House said.

The agency is asking people to ascertain their website to see if your DMV business are often done online or by mail. they assert several things are often handled without having to return to a DMV office. within the meantime, they’re asking people to twiddling my thumbs as they run through the backlog.

“This are going to be the busiest year in DMV history by an unfathomable scale. Not twice or 3 times but 10 times as busy so i feel we’d like to be ready for an extended wait and patience,” House said.

Oregon enforcement is employing a grace period for things like expired driver’s licenses and car registration.