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On Facebook, creating your avatar has become a trend. Several users of the social network have created their own, similar or to not their real appearance; If you continue to don’t do yours and you would like it, here we tell you what are the steps to follow. you’ll post the Facebook avatar on your profile, insert it in comments and even send it by message from the Messenger app. Option 1 to make a Facebook Avatar the primary thing you ought to do is enter Facebook from your telephone , although it’s important that your application is updated and is that the latest version. From the house page click on settings, located on the icon with the three horizontal lines. Then you ought to attend the menu option “See more”. it’s there where the choice “Avatars” will appear, you want to select it. With this, everything is ready: you’ll start with the creation of your own avatar. you’ll have many options to settle on from: hairstyles, outfits, hair color, features of your face. Once you’ve got made your Facebook avatar you want to click on the popcorn that appears at the highest of the screen.

After entering Facebook from your phone, you want to open a text box to discuss any publication of your friends. While there, press the stickers button. After clicking, the choice to make Avatar will appear. Press that option and choose “Start”. Then the mechanism will open for you to style your character; there’ll be a spread of garments , hair and eyes, among other things, that you simply can increase it. once you are satisfied together with your Avatar, press the “Done” option. this may take you to a preview where, if you do not like something, you’ll come to vary it. To post the result, attend the “Done” button at the highest of the screen.

To place your Facebook Avatar during a comment, you want to open the choice to discuss the specified publication. attend the emojis section –which appears on your right side– and click on . A tab will open during which the icon of avatars will appear. Select it and choose the one you would like to use for your comment.