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Do you have a busy lifestyle and are you always out? Enjoying your favorite smoothie anytime, anywhere is a big challenge.

If you are a world traveler who loves to explore or you have a lot to do in your daily life, a portable blender is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite smoothie anywhere and anywhere.

Where can I use the Portable Smoothie Blender? Thanks to its easy and compact size, you can use your portable blender almost anywhere. The best way to drink your favorite smoothie on the go is to pack it in a gym bag. Just put it in your pocket and sprinkle your favorite protein in the locker room after training.

For those of us who love to travel, this portable blender is a great companion. Put it in your carry-on baggage and make your favorite shake, wherever you are, in another country or in another state. With a compact and lightweight design, this blender makes it easy to enjoy healthy smoothies anywhere. Another great way to enjoy smoothies on the go is to take your portable blender to the beach or for a walk. You can mix smoothies at the end of a hike or while lying on the beach while exploring the outdoors.

Not enough time for a full breakfast? Our compact blender makes a quick and healthy breakfast quickly. Simply add frozen fruits and vegetables, your favorite liquids, proteins, superfood powders and nutrients. It’s done! You have a delicious and healthy breakfast.
Smoothies are a great way to add nutrition to your diet without the hassle. Choose fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients and antioxidants to boost the energy that keeps you moving during a busy day.

Move the blender to make it easier to mix the smoothie during breaks and lunch. Because they are small, these blenders are ideal to put on your desk and are always at hand.

Is it possible to take a MIXit portable blender on an airplane? You can, but it’s best to put the entire blender in your checked baggage. According to TSA, all but the blades of carry-on baggage can be carried on board. So pack your luggage.
How to use the blender
Make sure the smoothie blender is fully charged to allow the ingredients to mix properly. Before arriving at the door, you can add your favorite ingredients to the blender bowl and store them in until it’s time to mix.
If you’re traveling long distances, you’ll need to find your favorite fresh ingredients on arrival. You definitely don’t want to put food in your blender for a long time, otherwise it may spoil or start smelling. Once you have all the fresh and tasty treats, you can pour them all into the blender’s built-in bowl.
Add the vegetable and fruit mixture you need to your portable blender, then add your favorite liquid. You can add everything from almond milk to water, but make sure the blender isn’t full. Ideally, the blender should be up to 85 percent full so that everything is mixed evenly and correctly.
If you don’t have frozen fruits and vegetables, you can add whole ice cubes or crushed ice. The MIXit Portable Blender makes it easy.
After adding all the ingredients, place the top of MIXit and press the mix button. Six sharp stainless steel blades mix your smoothie to the desired level.
With our portable smoothie blender, you can drink smoothies directly from the blender. Lift the lid and start drinking.
Look closely at the blender and do not leave it in mixing mode. Never drink while the smoothie blender is connected. Be sure to turn off the power before drinking the smoothie. How do I clean my MIXit Portable Blender? You should always clean MIXit after use so that you can use it later. Keeping Blender clean can seem daunting when you’re on the go, but there are some quick and helpful tricks you can use anywhere to keep it clean.
Fill the blender with hot water about half. Just add a little dishwashing liquid to your blender. Do not add more than one or two drops of soap. Otherwise it will be too smooth.
Turn on the blender and mix the water and dishwashing liquid for about 10 seconds. Pour a mixture of soap and water and rinse the blender with clean warm water. This easy way allows you to use a fresh, clean blender ready for your next shake at any time.
Another way to refresh your portable smoothie blender is to add a drop of vinegar or lemon juice. This is a great way to clean your blender, smell it and make it look fresh. Thoroughly clean your portable blender whenever possible. Remove the blade section to the top of the base and clean the top of the portable smoothie blender, the glass container and the bottom of the blade through the dishwasher. The base with the USB charger slot is not a dishwasher, so do not put it in the dishwasher.
A simple rinse aid with hot water and dishwashing liquid that makes it easy to clean your portable blender on the go. Be sure to clean the blender after use, even if it is just rinsed.