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Step 1: Always follow the supplier’s instructions
… for the outlet used, how to charge the battery (cordless model), how to clean the amount, hold, mix, mix time, foods that may or may not mix with the blender.

Step 2: Keep important time to turn off
… toggles on / off before inserting or removing parts. Also, turn off the power before washing. I want to wash the legs and blades of a mixer, but not all mixers have removable legs. Most of the time it is, but the Bamix isn’t (it’s rather a small blade that comes off. So start as you want to continue and start good habits. I do the same every time …

I. Remove from bracket

ii. Add my sword / leg

iii. Plug in

iv. With this

v. Extrude

I have seen it. rinse

vii. Put it back on the stand

Step 3: Make sure you have the correct attachment / accessory
… about the work in question. Check out all the possible tasks below. If you have a Braun hand mixer, or are looking for an upgrade or new mixer, take a look at our extensive Braun mixer lineup. This will give you an idea of ​​how the attachment works, the model number, and the name you got from the appendix and accessories. In fact, the accessories section alone tells you all the accessories you might get from your hand mixer. This will give you an overview.

Step 4: Know when to turn on
… check the manual to see if you need to turn it on before or after entering the food (if you want to turn off the blender ice, turn it on after putting the blade in the ice Is the best). Make sure the hand blender and battery are charged.

Step 5: Use a suitable mixing vessel
… make sure there is enough space in the container to prevent the food from splashing. When mixing by hand, narrow containers are much better than wide containers. For small quantities, I prefer to use a small bottle or a small jug with a wide opening at the top. Tilt the bowl and pull the blender up and down to create a vortex action that rotates as the food vortex moves under the blade.

Step 6: Do not insert the blender into the cold food on the stove!
… unless you say the manufacturer can. For example, if you put in basic plastic, it will melt! That doesn’t mean you can put the metal legs of the blender in the dish, so read the manufacturing guide. Safety is also important, so how the hand mixer scatters is important. With Bamix, you can put it in cooked foods in frying pans or in frozen liquids in crystal glass.

Step 7: Move a little!
With a slight tilt, move a little from the bottom of the bowl through the food until you get the desired consistency. (Remember that you can smooth all the lumps as you can move the bowl as well as the blender.) Make sure you know how long you need to mix before taking a break-power and speed The higher the (rpm), the longer the blender can be held. Some tasks take only a few seconds, while others take 20 to 30 seconds.

Step 8: Handle with care and do not classify!
When you’re done, hold it over the bowl / pot and tap the spindle with your other hand to remove excess food. Don’t come up with ashes in the bowl as it can make the blender worse. So get in the habit of tapping gently with your other fingers. Bamix recommends this because of the natural use of electronics to power the blades. It makes sense to handle it with care!

Step 9: Blind end / blade parts immediately