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Try as much as you can. There is no surefire way to make your clothes look new forever. Even if you are keen to wash your clothes according to the instructions on the label, there are more or less unavoidable signs of wear: pills. Almost all types of fabrics become more susceptible to pills over time, especially in sweaters and other outerwear. Sweaters with pills, even relatively new ones, probably look old and worn.

But on the other hand, pills are far from the death penalty for your favorite jersey. In fact, it’s quite possible to get rid of the grain and bring the sweater to a new state! All you need is the right equipment. 🙂 Today I will share my favorite way to get rid of the ball from the jersey (or whatever clothes you want!). After that, having the option never hurts, so I also share some alternatives to tackle the dust!

Shaving cloth

The best way to get rid of dust balls from your sweater
The fastest and easiest way to get rid of a razor is to use a razor. There are many models to choose from, but I’m a big fan of Lalint shavers for several reasons. First of all, this razor offers a very rare lifetime warranty! Many of the fabric shavers you can buy online are cheap and promise nothing in terms of durability. I know that such products will last longer, so I would like to pay a little more in advance.
Shaving cloth

Another thing I like about this dust shaver is that it’s rechargeable. The other razors I used are powered by AA batteries, which seem to drain surprisingly quickly. By using this rechargeable model instead, I’m sure I’ve saved myself some money! And finally, I love this razor having two replacement blades. If the blade becomes dull after a while, you can immediately replace it with one of the replacement blades and continue shipping.

Save the sweater from pills

How to store a sweater using a sweater
This dust shaver is quick and easy to use! Simply place the sweater on a flat surface, turn on the razor and hold it over the sweater. The blade reduces the work of all tablets and is sucked into the lint container that surrounds the blade. The lint holder is much more spacious than some other razors I have used. That is, you don’t have to empty it often.

Depending on the condition of the sweater, it will take a few minutes to remove all the tablets. But I’m really happy to see all the fluff disappear, so time goes by surprisingly fast! When you’re done, you’ll be amazed at the difference. Your sweater looks young for years, as if it were dusted!

And in the future, you can remove the dust shaver as soon as a new pill appears. You can make your sweater look like a new look with just a little effort! 🙂 What if for some reason you aren’t interested in using a dust shaver (or want to wait until Santa brings you a dust shaver)? There are three additional options for removing the pad from the jersey!

Three more ways to get rid of dust particles
Save the sweater from pills

  1. Sweater comb
    The sweater comb is basically a manual version of the dust shaver. Simply put it on the surface of the sweater and this little comb will charm you with the pills and lint you smoke. Be careful when working, as you can easily hold the dough if you are not careful.
    Save the sweater from pills

Velcro hair roller
Velcro rollers also work surprisingly well to get rid of pills! To wear it, simply place your garment on a flat surface and pull firmly. Then push the velcro roll into the cloth and roll it over the surface to collect the tablets. If your article has a lot of cohesion, this method will probably take some time. But if you already have a Velcro Roller at home, it’s a great free option!

Save the sweater from pills

  1. Razor
    You can also use a standard razor to remove the tablets. Be sure to use a new sharp blade and, if possible, choose a razor without extra moisturizing strips. To use it, you shave a stylized piece of your clothes like your skin. It works, but it doesn’t pick up pills like a razor. After shaving, it’s a good idea to have a fluff roll handy to pick up the troche!