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This article describes how to install an SD card on your Nintendo Switch. One of the biggest problems with Nintendo Switch is that it has only 32GB of internal storage. Especially if you download a lot of games and downloadable content from the Nintendo eShop, the storage capacity is not very large.

You can expand the storage space of Nintendo Switch by installing a microSD card. You need to format the SD card for use only with Nintendo Switch.

Turn off the Nintendo Switch. To turn off the Nintendo Switch, press the power button next to the volume buttons at the top of the Nintendo Switch. There is an icon with a circle and a line.

Turn the Nintendo Switch over. If you haven’t done so already, remove the Nintendo Switch from the dock and turn it upside down. Open the kickstand.

The kickstand is a small plastic strip on the back of the Nintendo Switch. Open from the bottom of the Nintendo Switch. Maybe you need to thin your fingernails or something to open it. There is a micro SD slot under the kickstand. Insert the micro SD card.

Insert the microSD card into the SD card slot with the label facing up and the long side facing left. Nintendo Switch supports standard Micro SD (up to 2GB), Micro SDHC (2-32GB), and Micro SDXC (64GB and above). For the best gaming experience, buy an SD card that is UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed ​​Phase 1) compliant and has a transfer rate of 60MB / s or higher.

Turn on the console. Insert a blank SD card and additional storage space will be available immediately. To check this, select the gear icon (System Settings), then select Data Management. The available storage space on the micro SD card in the upper right corner is displayed. If you insert a microSD card with data, you will be prompted to format the microSD. Select Format and follow the instructions to format the micro SD card.

Make a backup of everything you want to keep, as all the data on the micro SD card will be lost. If you install a micro SDXC card, you may be asked to update your system to use the micro SD card. If so, tap System Update in the pop-up window and follow the instructions to update your system.