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Different vacuum cleaners have different functions and are no different from manual or manual vacuum cleaners. The only way to make your choice easier is to know what you are doing, what you are buying, and why. Let’s take a closer look at vacuum cleaners and why you need a vacuum cleaner in your home.

What is a stick vacuum cleaner? Whoever made it: Dirt Devil, Hoover, Dyson, Black & Decker, Yuffie, List is endless. The idea of ​​vacuuming an electric lever is the same. Stick vacuum cleaners are a kind of upright vacuum cleaner, but they are not lightweight and powerful. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners do not have a bag to catch debris. Rather, use one or more containers for dirt that needs to be emptied between uses. This is because the vacuum cleaner has a small motor and a container with a handle or handle and an axle-shaped body.

They are designed to be compact and portable. Cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to carry and relatively easy to use. Some can turn into a vacuum cleaner when you remove the light handle or vacuum cleaner, not just cleaning the floor or carpet.

Due to its compact size, the vacuum cleaner works best in hard-to-reach places, such as under or around furniture. There are two main types of adhesive vacuum cleaners designed for your convenience and ease of use: cordless and cordless.

What is a vacuum cleaner suitable for? Traditionally, vacuum cleaners are only considered suitable for very low hardwood floors and carpets. But today, you can choose from a variety of vacuum cleaners, some of which are powerful enough to be used as your main vacuum cleaner. If you have a small house with minimal flooring, you may only need a vacuum cleaner to clean the entire house.

This type of vacuum cleaner is especially suitable for cleaning dirt and reaching places where large and bulky vacuum cleaners cannot reach. Lightweight, it’s easy to carry and can be used quickly and quickly, such as by throwing ground flour into the kitchen before eating. Ideal for light cleaning and maintenance. The wireless option provides greater portability. You can choose between a rechargeable vacuum cleaner and a battery-replaceable vacuum cleaner, so you can carry it with you.

Due to its design and function, most vacuum cleaners are ideal for homes with bare hard floors, light carpets and rugs. Roller brush vacuum cleaners can be used with more lugs. The deeper the sink, the less ideal it is to use a stick vacuum cleaner.

What to look for with a good vacuum cleaner
Like everything else on the market, vacuum cleaners come in a variety of prices and features. The more powerful the function, the more expensive the vacuum cleaner. To choose the one that works best for you, you need to know what a stick vacuum cleaner needs and what features you need.
To get started, you need to choose either a cordless or a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Wireless-Use a replaceable battery connected to a charger that holds you near an electrical outlet. Because it is not fixed, it offers maximum portability and can be cleaned virtually anywhere. But it limits battery power through use, so if you’re cleaning a big house, it won’t take long as your main cleaner lasts 15-40 minutes.
With Cord-You need an outlet that provides endless power to clean as much as you need.

However, the cord means that it is connected wirelessly from the available electrical connection. For longer ranges, you will need to buy a vacuum cleaner with a longer cord, and the length of the cord depends on the price. However, keep in mind that most consumers consider cordless vacuum cleaners to be more durable than cordless vacuum cleaners. Between these two main options, there are an infinite variety of stick vacuums available.

You can vacuum your cordless vacuum by using a lithium-ion battery like the Dyson V8 for everything in your house, or with a Hoover Links stick only on the floor. Or, if you need maximum traction and power, you can try a pocketless vacuum cleaner with Dirt Devil Power Air, a cyclone vacuum cleaner.
These are the main features that differ in stick vacuum cleaners.

Suction-A vacuum cleaner cleans the equipment, so the most important thing when buying is to make sure it has a job. The vacuum cleaner needs enough suction to easily catch various stains such as pet hair and stains. Size / Weight-All vacuum cleaners are lightweight and more portable than traditional vacuum cleaners. However, some are smaller and more compact than others. Its easy-to-use size and weight make it ideal for people who are struggling with heavy machinery, such as the elderly and disabled.
Brush Roller with On / Off Option-First, you need a brush roller to properly clean carpets and rugs. However, stick or hand vacuums, without a rotating brush, do not allow debris to scatter when cleaning hard floors and other slippery surfaces.

A good stick vacuum cleaner provides the ability to use a roller brush as needed.
Ability to Get Edges and Corners-With a decent stick vacuum cleaner designed for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, cracks and objects with the help of attachments or through a compact / convertible The vacuum cleaner design should be able to be vacuumed.
Hand Transform: For some vacuum cleaners, you can remove the lightweight stick or electric cleaning head to convert the stick vacuum cleaner to a hand vacuum cleaner. Hand fabrics are ideal for cleaning non-floor surfaces such as upholstery.

Nozzle size: Different nozzles have different nozzle sizes. Wider nozzles can cover a larger area, resulting in faster cleaning. The narrow nozzle improves operability in tight spaces and enables accurate cleaning.
Ease of maintenance-Like a bagless vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner uses a container that needs to be emptied. Some vacuum cleaners are easy to empty, while others are much more dirty. If you have allergies, this may not be ideal. Storage: Some vacuum cleaners are designed for easy storage and come with a wall holder to save floor space. Some have docking stations where you can charge your vacuum cleaner, stand on the floor, or hang on the wall. Some have foldable or foldable handles for compact storage on shelves or cabinets.

Last thought
If you decide to buy a good vacuum cleaner, you should consider all these features to make sure you are buying the one that suits your needs. However, this question will ultimately determine the type of vacuum cleaner you need, so you need to ask yourself what type of vacuum you need for the type of floor you have. Stick vacuum cleaners are perfect for small homes with hard floors and low carpets. But it’s a handy tool to have with any cleaning tool, especially for quick cleaning, to get into a small space and clean anything other than the floor. They are lightweight, easy to carry and use, and some are portable enough to be carried anywhere.