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Carpet Cleaner uses a combination of cleaning solution, brush and suction to deal with carpet stains. Click on the image below to see how the suction is created.

Two electric motors are essential to suck this carpet cleaner. In both cars, electricity travels through a set of coils. This creates a magnetic field that rotates another magnet in the motor. This rotational movement moves the set of fan blades and generates suction force.
The smaller of the two electric motors drives the smaller plastic fan as it spins.

The rotating fan draws cleaning fluid from the reservoir through a plastic tube.

The cleaning solution flows directly through this tube to the second tube, which moves upward to the flexible hose wrapped around the cleaner.

Pressing the trigger on the end of the hose cleans the way the liquid comes out of the small holes and sprays on the area you want to clean. Small hose clamps are mounted on both sides to reduce the possibility of leakage.

A much larger car bends and moves a larger set of blades. When the car rotates the fan blades, the fan blades push the air particles in front of the fan blades as they move away from the air particles behind the fan blades.

The result is a partial vacuum, which the surrounding air rushes to fill. This is the basic definition of suction. The blade draws air under the machine to which the hose is connected and sends it to the exhaust pipe. Suction sucks liquids and dirt through a small slot on the edge of the brush. Find out where this debris is in the photo below.
The dirty liquid then returns to the hose and other reservoirs.
The electricity needed to do all this comes from a wall plug. Inside the machine, a cable conducts electricity from the main cable to both motors and the ignition switch on the front of the machine. Turn the switch to complete the circuit and the machine will start working.
When you’re ready to clean up the machine, wrap the rope around some hooks out of the way.