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Your air fryer is like a great convection oven. Small but powerful, it can be fried, fried and baked. It cannot be fried.
Need refurbishment for convection? no problem. As the heat rises, the top shelf is always the hottest in a normal oven, resulting in uneven cooking. (This is also why many cookie recipes tell you to rotate the baking tray from bottom to bottom and back to back.)

However, in convection ovens, the fan blows hot air to ensure a uniform temperature throughout the oven.
Air fryer is not exactly the same as a convection oven. The airflow is designed to more clearly repeat the heat dissipation of frying in hot fat. But for our purposes, the analogy of a convection oven is sufficient.

What to expect when using an air fryer for the first time
After opening the box, disassemble all removable components. This can include removable baskets and perforated shelves or trays at the bottom of the baskets. Wash them and let them dry.
Place the grill on a heat-resistant surface at least 8 cm from the wall.

Replace shelves and baskets.
Important tips to keep in mind when using an air fryer
Always keep the rack in the basket. This allows warm air to circulate around the food and prevent it from accumulating in excess oil. Bry is noisy. Hopefully you’ll hear a fan buzzing. This is practical. Even if it gets browned, you need to remove the basket and mix it every few minutes.

It’s good to take out the basket and look at it. This can be done at any stage of the cooking process. You don’t need to turn off your machine as it will automatically turn off when the basket is removed. Therefore, make sure that the drawer is fully inserted. You may not be able to reopen it if it is not fully inserted. You know, as Bry suddenly settles down. Food cooks faster and faster than you’re used to! This is one of the best features of a frying pan. The fryer’s manual has a handy table that lists the cooking times and temperatures of regular foods. The less food you have in your basket, the shorter the cooking time.

The more food you have, the longer it will be. Maybe you need a little lower temperature. Many air fryer recipes require lower temperature settings than traditional recipes. It may seem suspicious, but choose it. The brae heats up very quickly and the heat can move around, so a slightly lower temperature will help prevent the food from becoming dark or brittle on the outside while cooking properly on the inside.
What size air fryer do you need? There is a problem here. You can’t put a lot of food in a basket air fryer. If you accept it, you and your braai will have a much better relationship. An air fryer with a capacity of 1.75 to 3 liters is ideal for preparing meals for one or two people. Also, don’t expect waste.

Even large air fryer (about 4-5 liters) needs to process food in groups on a regular basis. If the recipe is useful for more than one person, you probably need to cook in multiple batches.
Whether to preheat or not? That is the problem.
Unlike large stove ovens, fryer takes less than 30 minutes to reach temperature. A few minutes of warm-up is sufficient. The grille on some models has a light to indicate that the unit has been preheated.

The manufacturer recommends preheating, but if you want, you can skip preheating altogether. If you start your meal with a cold fryer, the cooking time can be an additional 3-4 minutes, but that’s not a big deal. Try both to see which one gives the best results. It depends on the recipe.
Don’t make a mistake with these 10 air fryers
Doing one of the following will not melt, but avoid it.
Do not use plenty of oil.

Use light hands with oil! Excess oil collects in the drawers under the grill, but too much oil can cause smoke. In general, if the food already contains fat (for example, chicken with skin or frozen food), there is no need to oil the food at all. However, the vegetables turn beautifully golden and benefit from a thin layer of oil.
Do not lubricate the drawer with cooking spray.
That sounds like a good idea. However, because the basket has a non-stick coating, cooking spray can damage the finish over time. (It’s really written in the manual! What are you reading?)

Instead of spraying, soak the food in oil (which is probably already the case) or rub it with an oil-saturated paper towel. I have found that pre-fried frozen foods do not require the help of extra fat.
Do not use oil with a low smoke point.
Olive oil has a low smoke point and is not suitable for air frying. In addition to smoking at high temperatures, strange aftertastes can occur. Vegetable oils, canola oils, peanut oils and other smoky oils are the best choices.
Do not fill the drawer.
Braais doesn’t have a lot of capacity because of all the space they occupy on the countertop. For best results, do not put food in the tray (images used in braais marketing can be very misleading). Adding another handful of potato sticks and grated beets is very appealing, but experience has shown that working with small amounts makes the food sharper and cooks faster. Don’t forget to shake the basket.
By shaking the basket regularly during cooking, the food will be evenly exposed to heat and will be browned. For many recipes, you need to shake the basket every 5 minutes. For large items such as fish fillet bread, turn it over. If the recipe needs to be shaken, flipped, or skipped, it’s not harmful, but like fried food, you won’t get any beneficial results. Don’t just pour the contents of the drawer into a container.
Use tongs or a spoon to remove cooked food. Excess oil collects under the removable rack of the basket, so if you pull the basket and place it on the plate, it will run out of oil along with the shelves. It can burn it, pollute it and cause greasy foods.
Do not trust the timer 100%. Many basket air fryer has knobs like old-fashioned kitchen counters, or like the perfection of a kid’s game. When the time runs out, you will hear a ping! The machine will stop.
On one of the models I used, 5 minutes flew suspiciously fast. So I set the timer on my phone when I set the timer on the grill, and what to guess, the device turns off in a few minutes. This is not a big issue. Use the air fryer to reset the timer until you like the food. However, keep in mind that not all timers work correctly.
For some models, setting the timer to shorten the cooking time to 10 to 20 minutes and then resetting it to the desired cooking time works best.
Do not put the hot drawer on the counter.
Think of the road as a hot pan. The bottom gets particularly hot when removed from the unit. Grasp the drawer with the handle, not the other part, so that you can secure the tail or pot-holder in case the table top is damaged by heat.
Don’t be sensitive with the air fryer.
Don’t assume that the outside of the grill is evenly cold. No, some of him (probably behind) is hot. One of the models I was using was a little bent when I wanted to put the drawer in and out. Fortunately, I was able to stabilize the machine with one hand and push and pull the drawer with the other hand. The air fryer didn’t turn bright red, but don’t get nervous.
Do not listen to podcasts while using the frying pan.
Bry is noisy. Pause the podcast because you won’t be able to follow it at all. And don’t forget to play your favorite song. Do it when you’re ready.
How to clean an air fryer
It is important to clean the fryer after each use as the unit can emit smoke if oil accumulates. In some cases, all you have to do is clean the drawer and scrape it off with a paper towel. Please wash your hands. Please refer to the manual as most models include dishwasher-safe parts. The best dish to cook in a frying pan
Since fryer uses dry heat, think of dry heat cooked foods (fried, baked, fried) rather than moist heat cooked foods (cooked, fried, steamed). Crispy shallot, frozen puff pastry donuts, dehydrated tomato slices, disturbing low-carb bagels, leftover cooked pizza … don’t be afraid to experiment.
Frozen Fried Foods: Classic dishes such as chicken fillet, fish sticks, pie bread and pizza rolls are made for air fryer. In general, portion-sized or bite-sized frozen foods get hot and quickly become tasty and sharp on the fryer. They can change this name after College Kid / Single Dude Dinner Machine. A recipe that imitates fried chicken, frying pan mozzarella sticks, fried crab cake, etc. from scratch.
Now is the time to think without being bound by preconceived ideas! I also like to use the air fryer for the following purposes:

I fried or fried vegetables: diced summer or winter pumpkins, carrot vegetables, broccoli or cauliflower sprouts, sprouts. They are great in frying pans!
Potatoes-Every time you put a potato (or sliced ​​potato) in a regular oven, the fryer cooks the oven easily. Chicken wings: Crispy skin and faster than baking in the oven. However, braais aren’t very suitable for parties because they’re too small to hold the amount of wings (unless you’re a group of people who eat only one hot wing). Sausage Sandwich: If you like a sturdy casing and a plump sausage sandwich, cook it in a frying pan. You never look back. I don’t have to eat hot dogs anymore, but it was a hit with our air fryer. Reheated Food-Remember, it’s like a sexy turbo toaster. This is great for heating food and not making crunchy things like microwave ovens before.